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Thomas P. Nadeau,O.D., P.C.
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Board Certified

About Thomas Nadeau,O.D..
  • Maine Optometric Association (MOA)         1977-2012)
  • New England Council of Optometrists        1977-2003
  • American Optometric Association               1977-2012
  • Allied health staff of St. Andrews Hospital1981- present
  • Clinical consultant on the FDA approval of two brands of contact lenses, 
  • Carrier Advisory Committee for Medicare 1996-2009  
  • Medicare representations to the Maine Optometric Association
  • HIPPA presentations to the MOA and MPOA
  • Presentations to various state legislative committees on behalf of the MOA
  • American Optometric Association's Third Party   Committee
  • Numerous committee chairs and membership for the MOA
  • Past President to the MOA2001-2002
  • State of Maine Board of Optometry 2013-
  • Board Certified Optometrist, American Board Of Optometry, March 2013
Committed to helping our patients see their dreams come true!e!
Dr. Nadeau Appointed to Maine State Board of Optometry

After graduating from the Southern College of Optometry in 1977, Thomas Nadeau set his sights on two professional boards: the Maine Optometric Association and the State Board of Optometrists. On December 3, 35 years later, he was appointed to the State Board by Governor Paul LePage.
“Being appointed to this board is the last thing on my professional adgenda that I wanted to do,” Nadeau said.
In September, Dr Nadeau learned two of the five doctors were leaving the board.
On December 4, the Boothbay Harbor optometrist learned he made the cut and was one of the new board members. Members of the State Board of Optometrists serve a 5-year term. Nadeau's membership is official on December 11. His first of four meetings in 2013 will be February 8.
As a member of the State Board of Optometrists, he will have three primary roles. He will be an examiner of new eye care specialists; a reviewer of state laws and recommend changes to the legislature in current law that may be 
“There's more to life than living a good life,” Nadeau said. “You have a responsibility to your profession and your patients to be the best you can be.
“Often while doing these things I have learned so much, and have had the privilege of doing some pretty cool things.